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Kumkum song || जीवन कर लेता है श्रंगार ||
Kumkum song || जीवन कर लेता है श्रंगार || thumb 1 Kumkum song || जीवन कर लेता है श्रंगार || thumb 2 Kumkum song || जीवन कर लेता है श्रंगार || thumb 3
Name: Kumkum song || जीवन कर लेता है श्रंगार ||
Duration: 00:01:10
Published At: October 15, 2017
Definition: sd
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Likes: 12290
Dislikes: 1646
Channel: Good Tech. News
Description: The soap opera tells the tale of the Wadhwa family and its daughter-in-law, Kumkum. She is happily married to Jatin. However, he dies of a brain tumor while she is expecting their first child. The Wadhwas decide to get their young daughter-in-law re-married, and find an eligible young man named Vishal. However, when obstacles arise leading to marriage being called off on the last day, Jatin's younger brother Sumit impulsively marries Kumkum in order to save her from societal disgrace. After this, Sumit and Kumkum come to the realisation that both of them love each other very much and cannot think of living without each other. Kumkum had one son from Jatin named Druv. Druv has one half-brother and sister form his step-father Sumit. Now that Kumkum notices that her son doesn't like Sumit, whereas Sumit considers him just like his own son. So Kumkum decides to finish the bitter feeling between them.

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The Indian Telly AwardsEdit

In 2005

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